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Vax-D Directors:
William K. Naguszewski, M.D.
Clinical Coordinator:
Leone P. Cordle, PA.C.



·        Unstable spine (Spondylolisthesis)

·        Disc angulation

·        Prior back surgery* that included hardware (metal) for fixation/fusion

·        Rotator cuff shoulder problems


Apart from the above, you need not worry too much about whether your condition would preclude treatment. Prior to treatment initiation, you will be evaluated for appropriateness and safety by one of our medical directors.

*Note: Prior “disc surgery” including partial disc removal or making more room for the nerve roots to come out (laminectomy/laminotomy) IS NOT a contraindication.  In fact, statistically, these persons are likely to do as well with treatment as those who have not been operated on.  


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