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Low back pain can be a chronic and miserable circumstance to live with. Although surgery can help some people, its role in chronic low back pain is often not clear.  After five years, those operated on for disc disease fare no better, on average, than those managed conservatively.  Outcomes after surgery often fall short of expectations.

 Understanding what causes pain in any given individual therefore can be challenging and, sadly, frustrating. Just because a slipped disc is found on imaging does not mean it is the primary source of pain.  It must be emphasized that surgery for disc disease is primarily directed toward relieving sciatica or radiating leg pain resulting from herniated disc material “pinching” or irritating a nerve root as it tries to make its way out of the spine.  Back pain relief follows then as a secondary consequence to the primary effect of decompressing the nerve root. 

 For many individuals, multiple sources of pain exist simultaneously and failure to address each one of them may well leave these individuals unrelieved in their suffering.  The sufferer does not exist in isolation as tremendous impact is exerted on marital, family, friendship, business, and job relationships.  This physical and psychosocial turmoil often leads to poor emotional adjustment to disability, depression, and a decline in quality of life.  

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