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Vax-D Directors:
William K. Naguszewski, M.D.
Clinical Coordinator:
Leone P. Cordle, PA.C.



VAX-D is a safe and effective treatment for your low back pain.  Because it is new and state of the art, it is not covered by major medical insurance.  Our payment plan is, however, affordable.  Additionally, other treatments that compliment VAX-D can be combined with it to maximize your treatment benefit.  These are generally covered services by your insurance.

Once you decide that VAX-D may be right for you, a consultation with one of our medical directors will be necessary prior to treatment.  VAX-D is individualized for you by your medical director.  Physician services are covered by insurance for management of low back pain.

Your medical director will discuss:

  • Whether your condition is appropriate for treatment
  • The likelihood of treatment success
  • The number of treatments you likely will need to maximize the benefit of VAX-D
  • The frequency of treatment
  • Flexibility of treatment

The cost of treatment is $100.00 per session.  Your particular circumstance may necessitate between 10 and 20 sessions on average. We require $25.00 or 25% at the time of each visit with the remaining balance paid at $100/month after the completion of treatment.  At the end of the 12 months following completion of treatment, any remaining balance must then be cleared.  There will be no interest charges over these 12 months.  



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