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Vax-D Directors:
William K. Naguszewski, M.D.
Clinical Coordinator:
Leone P. Cordle, PA.C.

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Welcome to backfreedom.com, your portal in understanding Vax-D as the ultimate safe and effective conservative management of your back problems.   Vertebral Axial Decompression (VAX-D) is a medical procedure available at Coosa Medical Group in Rome , Georgia .  Your progress will be supervised by your medical director William Naguszewski.  Doctor Naguszewski is an internationally recognized figure in the use of this state of the art technology. 

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Once you’ve reviewed these, then you can learn more about VAX-D and us by clicking on the buttons labeled "clinical research", "VAX-D slide show", and "our location."  These are located in the red bar near the top of each page.  To call for an appointment, you will find our phone number under Getting Started.  Again, please be sure to read through all the topics prior to calling so that you can be sure what VAX-D is all about and whether VAX-D may be right for you.

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